Terms of sales

We ask that you read the following before buying your pass; these terms and conditions apply to all events organised by Celebrities Events. Once you have bought a pass, terms and conditions apply.
You need to carry a pass to gain access to our events. Passes can be bought in our online store or at the event venue on the day, subject to availability. No one shall be admitted into an event without a pass. During the pass purchase process, you must provide first and last names of the pass holder. Once the sale is complete the name is final and cannot be changed. The sole person whose name is on the ticket will be able to retrieve it and use it. To retrieve a pass, the named passholder must provide photo ID and proof of purchase. If presented or retrieved by someone else, the pass will be lost. Passes are non exchangeable, non refundable, non modifiable, and reselling them is forbidden.
Unlesss otherwise specified, passes are valid for both days of the event. The activities, including extras (photoshoots, autographs, meet and greets) are spread across both days. If you purchase a pass but can only attend one day, we cannot be held responsible for you missing extras or services included in your pass, and we will not issue any refund. This also applies to early departures. The final convention schedule will be unveiled closer to the event date, but you should already consider the general opening times which are as follows:
• Friday: registration 6pm – 8pm
• Saturday: 8am – 7pm (if activities take place in the evening, plan up to midnight)
• Sunday : 8am – 7pmAt registration you will receive an enveloppe with all your purchases, including extras and the contents of your pass. It is not possible to exchange any of these on the day. You must carry your pass at all times and show it every time a staff member asks you to. Failure to present your badge will lead to you being refused entry to the event and/or activity.If you are a minor between 16 and 18 years old and wish to attend the convention, you will need to download a permission slip to be completed by a parent or guardian. You must bring the completed permission slip and a copy of your parent or guardian’s ID, in addition to your own ID. Minors between 10 and 16 years old must have their own pass and be accompanied by an adult pass holder.Entrance is free for children between 4 and 10 years old, as long as they are accompanied by a family member who has purchased their own badge (maximum of one child per badge). You must notify us of the child’s attendance when purchasing your badge. The child will not be provided with a reserved numbered seat in the panel room. They can pose with you for pictures, but will need their own extras for any other activity (autographs to their name, photos alone, meet and greet, parties…)Children under 4 years old will not be admitted into our events.Celebrities Events may amend the date or venue of the events and cannot be held responsible for travel, accomodation or food expenses incurred by attendees. In case of a date change, badges will automatically be postponed to the new date. If a convention is cancelled, all badges will be reimbursed in full.If you cancel your attendance, no refund will be issued.The actors’ presence is subject to contract, if an actor finds themselves cancelling their appearance, for reasons professional or otherwise, no badge refund will be issued. We will do our best to replace them, but in some cases that may not be possible. For actors included in the passes, if we replace a cancelled guest, the new replacement guest automatically replaces the one no longer attending, in all activities and services. If an extra guest cancels and you have purchased extras for this guest, you will be issued a coupon valid at the convention and matching the value of your extras.

Your pass and extras can be purchased from our weezevent online store. Some passes can be paid for in instalments, in which case the payment deadlines must be met, otherwise the sale will be cancelled and no refund will be issued for previous payments.

The date you purchased your pass (or the date of the last payment, if paying by instalments) determines your seat in the panel room. A seat will be assigned to you in the zone corresponding to your badge level; it is your seat for the duration of the event. Please always use your assigned seats, even if other seats are not occupied.

The time of purchase of your pass also determines the available choices for photos, meet and greets etc., included in your pass. These are in limited supply for each actor, the earlier you buy your pass the best chance you have of picking the actor you want. Once all guests have been announced, we will send you an email and you will have one week to reply with your choices. Once validated, these choices are final and you will not be able to change. If actors are unexpectedly added to the lineup after the emails have gone out, they will not be available choices for services included in the passes.

You must be prepared to show your proofs of purchase to a staff member at any time, until the end of the event.

Autographs are allowed on any item respectful of the actor unless we receive specific instructions, which we will communicate ahead of the event if possible.

For photoshoots, Celebrities Event cannot be held responsible if you are unsatisfied with your photo (reflection from glasses, hair sticking out or eyes closed for example).

If you miss an activity despite the repeated announcements you will be issued no refund.

It is strictly forbidden to record video (with any type of device) during the convention activities, be they panels, meet and greets, photo sessions, autographs or stage activities. Attendees caught recording will have their equipment seized for the duration of the event, and be excluded from it if the behaviour continues. Photos are only allowed during panels and flash photography is only allowed during the first five minutes. The aforementioned sanctions also apply for failure to respect the terms and conditions regarding photography.

Subject to the agreement of our guests, we will produce a DVD which will be available for presale during the event, and will be put up for sale on our online platform.

By attending one of our events, you relinquish your image rights and thereby authorise the use of your image for advertising and commercial purposes, and on websites and social media.

Participants commit to submitting to any and all security measures and controls deemed necessary to ensure the safety of people and goods within the event venue. In accordance with this aim, a search may be in operation at the entrance, with which attendees must comply.

Presents to guests can only be given during autograph sessions, unless otherwise specified. To access these autograph sessions you will need either a pass with the autograph included, or an extra that you will have purchased. Staff reserve the right to examine your gift to ensure it is respectful of the guest and/or is not cause safety concerns.

The event schedule will be communicated shortly before the event. This schedule is subject to change at any time both before and during the event. At the venue, you will be notified of changes by announcements via the loudspeakers or on social media. Please be attentive and alert to such announcements. These cancellations and modifications will not lead to any refunds.

Neither Celebrities Events nor the event venue can be held responsible in case of injury, or theft, loss or damage of belongings that may occur during the convention.

If you encounter any issue with payment for your purchases on weezevent (issues with 3D secure, non reception of validation code…), Celebrities Events will not be held responsible, and this also applies if the online ticketing platform is temporarily unavailable for technical reasons independent from our will. If you do not receive the pdf files, please do contact us via email.

Celebrities Events reserves the right to expel and/or definitively exclude from our events anyone who disturbs the process be it through violent, racist or agressive speech against guests, staff or fellow attendees. In case of physical aggression, theft, or counterfeit extras, you will be immediately excluded from the convention without a refund and we reserve the right to take legal action against anyone breaching these terms and conditions.

In compliance with the Loi Informatique et Libertés law of 6 January 1978, you enjoy right of interrogation, access, modification, opposition and rectification with respects to your personal data. By accepting these general terms and conditions, you consent to our collecting and using these data to fulfil the present contract.

These terms and conditions can be modified at any time, which is why we recommend you read them again before each purchase. Please also check out our FAQs, where you will find an answer to most of your questions.